19 months and diaper free

April loves the potty. With her steadily expanding vocabulary, and her heightened self awareness, she decided a couple of weeks ago that she no longer wants to have anything to do with diapers. After chasing her around, trying to get her into one, and losing the struggle (naked-bummed monkey speeds away on her little stomping feet), I gave up. After all, washing a pair of pants is no greater hassle than washing a wet diaper.

So now she doesn’t wear one. Even at daycare, she’s diaper-free. Annie excitedly reported her successes when we went to pick her up yesterday.

“I can’t believe I already have one that’s clean!”

She told me a few weeks ago that she had grossly underestimated the kids in general. She simply didn’t think it was possible for a child younger than two to hold it. I suppose, if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Even when we go out now, April will hold it. She isn’t crazy about peeing in big toilets, although if she really has to go she will. On Monday, she held it for about 2 1/2 hours while we were out. A big relief when we arrived home, I imagine.

So while we didn’t exactly follow the elimination communication guidelines per se, we did what worked for us, and have had success! We still need to help April to pull down her pants. And then, while she can get them up above her knees, her bum seems to get in the way. Sometimes I catch her trying to climb into her potty. Other times she claims that she needs to go potty five minutes after going. (Usually at bedtime or naptime when she’s stalling.) And there are still occasional accidents. But all in all, our little star is toilet trained and oh-so-very pleased with herself too.

I’m so proud of her, and take this opportunity to give myself a little pat on the back. Once again, a little early effort has paid off.

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  1. waw… fantastic job guys!!! matteo is doing great too with elimination communication.
    last week i baby sitted a 2 year old little fellow and had to wipe out 2 times a diaper full of caca. i had never done that before and hated the whole experience. it totally convinced me to continue ECing for futher kids.
    thanks for sharing your expierence. too little people know this actually is possible, although it’s what all chinese kids and african kids do!

    1. Thanks Joanna! We babysat a friend’s kid last night and we had to deal with the same thing (poor little guy had it all the way up his back). SO glad we don’t have to deal with nasty stinky diapers.

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