Running around

I just fell asleep nursing. There is nothing more discombombulating than waking up at 11pm after two hours’ sleep. I would very much love to just stay sleeping. But then, I also need to tidy up my parents’ house so that when they walk in here tomorrow, they will see what lovely children they have. […]


We have a new song and dance routine before bed. April gets the sleepy eyes and I take her upstairs (or downstairs, or across the hall, wherever the bed involved is). I then have to nurse her standing up, cradling her and rocking her as I go. Her eyes flutter and depending on the level […]

Still in Great Valley

I’m tired. So very tired. Being around people non-stop for days on end can be challenging. I’m such a social person but I’m not accustomed to being in demand this much. Plus, as much as I adore my mother, she is very demanding. She knows this. It’s her M.O. I am looking forward to when […]