Family times

I’ve eaten too many little Lindt chocolate balls. My loves are snuggled up in bed. I just went through the baby clothes trying to figure out what we should take with us. According to the growth chart, if April continues along in the 25th percentile, she should weigh no more than 22lbs by the time […]

On the road

April just went to sleep. This is the first train ride we’ve taken since she has been properly mobile. Fortunately, we got an extra seat. People are so friendly. Especially the day before Christmas Eve when they’re on their way to see family. Exhaustion has finally set in after standing, playing with her monkeys, looking […]

The adventure begins

I am currently sitting in our apartment with April, waiting for time to pass so that we can head for the train station. The last load of laundry is in. The apartment looks surprisingly neat and tidy. Swept and dusted. Josh and his sister, Jessica, have gone ahead in the van. I’m sitting here trying […]