Scary doggie!

April has been such a trooper. She’s been incredible in the van. With the exception of a few little outbursts, she’s been either happily playing with toys, or snoozing soundly for most of the drive. Such a happy baby. Last night, we visited a friend of mine in Charlottesville, Virginia. This was the first time […]

This and that

We’re actually leaving tomorrow. My parents are coming up to the cottage tonight to see us off. I’m really glad. It seemed odd to leave without saying a proper good bye. We bought ourselves an American phone, but we can’t make international calls with it for the first three days, and we don’t want to […]


I keep on forgetting to upload the pictures onto my laptop before coming to the internet cafe. Silly silly. April is definitely teething. She’s been incredibly restless at night and unpredictably cranky during the day. She might also be a little shaken up by all of the activity that’s been going on in terms of […]