Mission: sleeping baby

Day two of someone other than myself putting April to sleep. Whereas last night it took my mom about twenty minutes of patting and laying her on her belly to get April to settle down, tonight, my dad just sat with her and talked quietly to her until she flopped down on the bed and […]

Mommies are the best

My mum just put April to sleep. It’s the first time she’s gone to sleep without me in goodness knows how long. My mom is my hero. We took the train to Toronto today, which turned out the be the longest train ride ever. Not having taken the train in months and months, keeping April […]


It seems unreal to admit that April has been having serious problems sleeping for a full two months now, but there you are. It’s only when I speak with my baby-momma friends and hear about this mythical thing called sleeping through the night that it really sinks in that we have a problem. I don’t […]


Being back in the real world is draining. April’s sleeping continues to be hit and miss, and that combined with all of the stresses of being back in our “real lives” is taking a serious toll on me. The whole time we were on the road, I didn’t really feel the need to meditate or […]