Jazz Fest

After my discovery of the kid’s play area at the Jazz Festival when we went to see my friends Lydia and Chris aka. Panadream Theatre‘s Puppet Show on Saturday (there’s more happening this week too!), I took Lisa there this afternoon. Was it ever fun!

New friends

We have a house full of furniture. It’s a bit of a mess, but what can you do? Free stuff is free stuff. I continue to be the official queen of hand-me-downs. The only “real” item that I’ve bought in this house is our bed. The most important piece of all! Yesterday, Josh helped the […]


Jumping in puddles is totally underrated. It’s amazing how as soon as you give yourself permission to feel certain ways, everything seems a whole lot better. I’ve made two new friends. The universe is funny like that. Somehow, as soon as you stop worrying, everything comes right.