Don’t worry, be happy now.

Making use of the voice memo feature of my new iPhone, I recorded myself while April was sleeping yesterday. Here’s a transcription: I’m sitting the park Marguerite-Bourgeoys. April’s asleep in her stroller and I can’t get upstairs by myself with the stroller, so I’m waiting for Josh to be finished work. People are walking with […]

Life happens

Today was one of those days. Although it was actually a really good day, just about everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Fortunately, the sun was shining and we spent the day at the beach, so nothing could really burst my bubble of chipperness. First thing, I dropped my toothbrush into the toilet. […]

Happy summer days

It’s officially summer and I am in love with my life. It’s obviously easy to be more in love with life when the weather is fine and you have beautiful people to spend time with. There’s just something about this city in the blazing-sun, green-grass, cool-breeze, smiling-stranger summer time. A few photos from our Father’s […]

Life continues apace

Baby is sleeping. My belly is full. It’s helluva humid out there, but there’s an oscillating fan blowing gently on me every few moments, and my body is rejoicing at sitting down. I am physically exhausted. This week has been filled to the brim. But I couldn’t be happier. For a little while there, I […]