Our signing baby

April started signing back consistently what was probably a few weeks ago. The ability to communicate has entirely transformed our relationship. She can tell us when she wants to eat or drink, if it’s water or milk. She can sign dog when she sees one in the street and can tell me when she’s finished […]

Park day

It’s just about 1am. Having fallen asleep with April around 7pm, I woke up at midnight and just couldn’t get back to sleep. The air is thick enough to spread. I lie naked under the fan, hoping for sleep to deliver me back into the quiet, but alas, my internal voices won’t quiet. A day […]

Time to sit

It’s a thunder-stormy muggy day. I’m currently sitting in front of a fan, eating a bagel and watching A League of Their Own for the umpteenth time. April is snoozing. Exhaustion. We went to the community garden this morning and then straight to Teprine’s. She fell asleep on the way from NDG back to the […]


It’s another shoes-sticking-to-tarmac kind of day out there. Yesterday after a sweaty morning of running around (yoga, interview, lunch) we headed over to play with our new friends, and hang out in their little kiddie pool. While the babies did spend a little while splashing around in it, ultimately it was Joanna and I who […]