Josh’s Pre-Birthday Dinner

After a long day of driving from Montreal to Toronto, we arrived to a home full of my mama’s delicious cooking. Nothing like showing your love with food. In celebration of his 31st, which is tomorrow, there was even a cake! (wheat, dairy and sugar-free to boot!) Who would have known? Absolutely decadent. Oh, well, […]

Daycare debacle

Who would ever have thought that finding a place for a little wee person to spend her daytime hours would be nigh impossible? I suppose the warnings from people when I got pregnant should have been enough to get me hopping to it right away. “You have to put her on the waiting lists now! […]


I just haven’t felt like writing. Life continues along it’s bumpy road. While I invest hours looking for balance and learning about enlightened ways in which to live my life, when it comes down to it, I’m still just as prone to giant swerves off course as the next person. After two weeks of hanging […]