The next chapter

Life looks like it’s going to get extremely busy. I started work on Saturday. It was the opening day for Brit and Chips, a new fish and chips spot in Old Montreal, owned by the guys from the Burgundy Lion. Four years after leaving the W, it was nice working with Toby again. He’s still […]

Thank you, universe.

While things may have looked like they had all gone terribly wrong only a few days ago, yesterday gave me good reason to feel that I’ve been doing things right for a long time now. I reached out and asked for help, not imagining the incredible response I would get from friends, acquaintances, teachers, former […]


Stress, stress, stress, stress. Just when you think you have everything under control, it all comes apart at the seams. We are currently financially stressed. After ten days of vacation during which time Josh made no money, my lack of financial contribution has become glaringly obvious. Going on 18-months postpartum (six of which have been […]