Career mom

When I found out I was pregnant I envisioned a future life working as a writer while staying at home with my darling treasures. I would enjoy the benefits of freelancing — working from home, being able to say when I would work and how much. My loves would be at home with me: no […]

The need to explore

I have started planning a trip to Europe this spring, which brought me to think of other trips I’ve taken in my past. A favourite photograph from my solo adventure to Asia in 2007. I took that picture when I was visiting my friend, Rosie, who at the time was teaching in South Korea. This […]

Eating the best of the best

I have realised of late, that while the blog is called cooking up baby I simply haven’t been talking enough about food. After reading Animal Vegetable Miracle late last year, I made a new year’s resolution that I plan to keep. For myself and my family, I will buy food that comes from local and […]