Reverse abandonment

When I finished my yoga practice yesterday morning, I started chatting with a friend who asked how I was doing. “Stressed,” I admitted. While the swirling snow might be beautiful to behold, it was concerning me. Monday nights are pretty hectic. I have a writing workshop at 6pm, and as Josh works late this means […]


Collecting my freshly popped toast and moving across the counter for the butter, I see that Josh has put out a new pound. I open the butter dish and scrape up the tiny oblong blob that remains. I grin. He is so considerate. As I open the new package, carefully peeling back the silver paper […]


Folding the laundry into neat piles on my bed, I smile to myself. I am pleased with my new finds for April and it dawns on me that I have stopped asking my friends for hand-me down boys’ clothes. I like dressing her like a girl, and I thoroughly enjoy finding the cute little items. […]