Another year

I can’t stop yawning.  The wind chimes jangle as a stormy Saturday morning rocks the naked trees outside my window. “Tcheep tcheep! Tcheepie tcheepie…” April talks to the little yellow chick in her book as she opens and closes it, watching the pop-up bird’s mouth open and close, wings flapping. Although I might have preferred […]


I decided to look online at what other mothers do to wean their toddlers without angst and today I did it. I never expected it could be this easy. I’ve been thinking about cutting off the boob for a while. I’d like my body back. She doesn’t need it, and I’d rather cuddle, quite honestly. […]

Is it really Spring? Almost?

We were at a baby-shower brunch this morning and it was actually warm enough to sit outside. The little boys delightedly played in the dirt. April encouraged anyone willing to pull her around in the wagon. We ate outside! April got fussed when Luca touched her with his dirt-covered hands. “Dirty!” she said, a worried […]