Princess Princess

Every now and then, when I look at April, I see myself as a four-year-old. Mostly self-assured, a little bit shy, determined, demanding, and more than anything else, a little princess. Yes, despite all attempts to create a gender-neutral environment for my sweet pea, she has become the same glittery, sparkly little girl I once […]

Settling in

We’ve now been in our temporary home on the Southern Peninsula for nearly a month.  Our days are starting to find a rhythm. We wake up around 6:30am (or are woken up by a squirmy baby or noisy child). We then proceed to eat breakfast and get April ready for school. I drop her off […]


There are still moments when I look at April or Charlie and think, “I can’t possibly be grown-up enough to have children.” But there they are: two little human beings who started as infinitesimal specks and grew big inside my belly. And it’s because of them that we get to live the life we lead. […]