On Being Home

I just wrote a long blog post but then I felt like I was oversharing in a boring way, so I’m just going to say this. I started an amazing job last week. Life is busy and full. With Josh gone until October, there won’t be a spare moment, but I’m feeling super excited about […]

Oh Canada!

I do truly love living in Canada. There are so many pockets of natural beauty here. Toronto has Lake Ontario — and my parents did happen upon an amazing little spot. Hooray for national parks. Tomorrow Montreal and all the summer has to offer there. Here’s to adventures in this amazing nation for the next […]


The kids are asleep. My parents are at the airport, probably having a drink, waiting for a flight. Josh is on a catamaran somewhere in the Indian Ocean. I can hear the sound of fireworks exploding outside, a celebration of the birth of Canada as a nation. And here I am, alone, at my parents’ […]