5 Reasons to take your kids to music festivals

If you think that taking a three-year-old to a music festival is crazy, here are five reasons why you’re wrong.

1) Kids love to rock outDancing at Osheaga

This weekend, my daughter was busting out dance moves that I’ve never seen. She was feeding off the energy of the crowds and running around like a happy maniac. Take your kids to outdoor music festivals because they can dance, sing, jump around, scream, shout, talk to strangers, laugh, tumble, get filthy and do all sorts of other things that they don’t get to do at home.

2) Kids make people happy

Black Keys at Osheaga Montreal

When your kid is rocking out to the Black Keys, a giant pair of hot pink ear protectors on, waving her arms in the air and getting as into the music as any other fan, you’ll look around and notice that at any given time there are dozens of people around you grinning and watching her instead of the band. Kids make people smile and laugh.  Taking them to music festivals is another little something that can make someone else’s experience extra memorable.

3) People love kids

Rainy Sunday at Osheaga

An extension of the last one, when you go to a music festival with your kid, if you’re friendly and chatty and not afraid to ask for help, then help will come to you in spades. We were escorted around crowds, given VIP treatment, and generally treated to a good time by all of the incredible staff we came into contact with. (A special thank you goes to the  Virgin Mobile team who made our Osheaga experience extra awesome by providing a pregnant lady with a chair, and generally helping us out with everything we needed.) If you need a ride to the gate in a golf cart, don’t be afraid to ask a security guard. The people at these events are trained to help those in need. Don’t be afraid to ask, and your experience will be even more rocking.

4) It’ll make your kids awesome

April rocking out at Osheaga Montreal As we were leaving after the final act, a young security guard asked Josh why we brought our kid to the festival. Without a moment’s hesitation, he replied,

“To make her awesome.”

Exposing your kids to events  like this will help them to be more worldly and adapt to new and unexpected scenarios. Asking April this morning if she had a fun weekend, her face lit up. Being the centre of attention, getting to stay up late, eating french fries for dinner… these are all unusual experiences for the average kid and reasons why going to a music festival is something that will leave it’s mark, and likely help your kid later on in life.

5) Because you want to

Black Keys at Osheaga 2012 Last but not least, a great reason to take your kids with you to a festival is because you love music and you want to share this experience of mass joy with your progeny. There’s something in the air at music festivals and the human camaraderie that comes out at events like this is something worth showing them.

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  1. Virgin Mobile says: Reply

    This is awesome. She’s awesome. You’re awesome.

  2. Hi and thanks for writing this, my wife and I are taking our 5, 2.5 and 1 year olds to Osheaga this August. Its not their first outdoor music festival but definitely the biggest they will have seen. Just wondering if you could shed some insight on how you got there from the city. Did you drive or take the much suggested métro? They (the organizers) seem to be pushing for public transit but with 3 little ones I wonder how enjoyable that would be.

    Thanks again for posting on this subject, and I totally agree, nothing more awesome than watching little kids rock out to music from bands like the Black Keys! My 2 girls are super excited for Osheaga 2014.

    1. Hi Sergio,
      I’ll be going this year with my 2 and 5-year-olds and I do recommend taking public transit. The metro ride to Parc Jean Drapeau is easy and once you get there, I’ve found that people are super helpful. If you look around for people working there, it’s likely that you will get a ride in a golf cart to the actual festival grounds. That said, if you choose to drive, the parking lot is pretty close to where the music festival is held (you’ll just end up paying the extra $20 or so for parking).
      Have an awesome time!

  3. Couldn’t agree more! Loved this article!

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