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I apologize, dear ones, for my absence of late.  Being a mama, writing a book, working as a freelancer and waitressing a couple of days a week has left me with little free time that doesn’t involve me looking like a puddle on the floor (or asleep in April’s bed).

I will sum up my life as succinctly as possible.

Winter has come to Montreal, transforming the landscape and posing new challenges to a second-floor dwelling family with a toddler and a twenty-minute walk to daycare. I love the snow, and continue to be amused by the first real storm’s ability to clog up the city. April is becoming accustomed to this new change. At first, she wasn’t sure about walking in the stuff, but is daily gaining confidence.

I spent my last week researching and writing a couple of articles for the next issue of the warehouse magazine. With the articles in on Wednesday, my attention has turned to Christmas — finding the right gifts, organizing transportation, thinking about the New Year.

Some big changes will come with the beginning of 2011. Josh will start a new job. I will most likely stop waitressing, or at least cut back to just one day a week as things pick up at PMA. I won’t try to predict what life will look like, but I can surmise that busy and exciting might be two adjective that fit.

One resolution for the new year: weekly date nights. Josh and I simply don’t spend enough time together that doesn’t involve cleaning the house, running errands or eating at home.

This is a photo I found in our search for the shot that encapsulates our year.

A beautiful moment in our new apartment.

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  1. indeed a beautifull photo! very poetic. so what s josh new job? and i didn’t understand well what pma is all about. i went on the website but…
    hope to see you tomorrow at the winter park!
    take care

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