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I just realised the extraordinary level of efficiency that is going to be necessary in our lives now that Josh and I are both working. Unless we want to spend all of our free time cleaning up and tidying the house, we’re all going to have to be much more careful about picking up after ourselves and getting things done right away.

That said, this morning we were the picture of efficiency, without either Josh or me saying a word about it. We woke up. Josh got breakfast going. I got April dressed. We each made a bed. We ate breakfast. Josh and April left for daycare. I swept the kitchen, washed the dishes and ten minutes later, I have an hour to myself to write or read or just sit and think. How wonderful is that?

Work yesterday was exhausting. After a couple of years away, I had almost forgotten just how debilitating a day on one’s feet can be. The thing about opening a fish ‘n chips shop in Old Montreal is that without a doubt, there will be a huge lunch rush simply based on traffic. We are perfectly located — right on one of the busiest streets in the district. It starts out slow, as it would anywhere. A couple of people appear around 11:45, then a few more, then WHAM! There’s a line-up out the door. I was working the cash, and barely had a moment to come up for breath before 2pm. That said, I did a stellar job, if I may say so myself. We didn’t screw a single order up until right at the end of the day, when it wasn’t busy any more and I think Jean-Michel was just being a little careless.

I have devised a way in which we can make it even better, which I will suggest to Toby today. Having everyone order up at the cash means minimal tips. I have thought of a way to fix it so that, provided the cashier and server are both on top of their game, everything will run smoothly and we’ll make more money.

It’s really great working with J-M and Toby, as there’s none of that new-job anxiousness. I don’t have to prove myself to them: I did that about six years ago. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to speak your mind to an employer and know that they will actually listen to you and your suggestions.

There are lots of little kinks to iron out still, but I’m positive that it’s all going to work out. I am now, officially, a busy person. Just watch: suddenly, everything in my life is going to run smoother.

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  1. Hey love – sounds like you are kicking ass at work and in life!

    Loving the blog as ever. Extra loving April’s jack in the box face!!


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