Cabane à sucre

One of my favourite Quebec traditions involves going to a farm in the country to eat an enormous breakfast doused in maple syrup. We went to la p’tite cabane d’la côte, a cabane à sucre (maple farm) in Mirabel where they played popular Quebecois music and delivered endless quantities of ham, steaming hot baked beans, mini tortière (spiced meat pies) and fresh bread. I ate far too many oreilles de chrisse (pork crackling) and stuffed myself with pan-roasted potatoes, buckwheat pancakes doused in maple syrup, and fluffy fine herb omelette, which, served in a cast-iron pan, was more like a soufflé. On the table stood jars filled with home-made ketchup, pickles and beets and of course, a large jug of maple syrup. It would be a lie to say that any of us didn’t overeat.

After their “grand-pères dans le sirop“, we went outside to twirl our popsicle sticks in little puddles of maple syrup on a bed of ice. Stickiness ensued. And running around. And an unbelievably bumpy ride on a horse-cart. And a “stew” made in a puddle with sticks and leaves as ingredients. Good day.

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful day!

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