Career mom

When I found out I was pregnant I envisioned a future life working as a writer while staying at home with my darling treasures. I would enjoy the benefits of freelancing — working from home, being able to say when I would work and how much. My loves would be at home with me: no need for daycare. I would juggle it all! It would be perfect.

And then reality hit.

Four months after returning to work and here I am doing more than forty hours a week. Perhaps my fantasy future left out the part of my personality that gets far too enthusiastic about every creative project I take on and doesn’t know how to say no to anything new and interesting.

While still waitressing on Fridays for that social boost at the end of the week,  my other four days are split between various tasks at PMA (film production) and writing my book. Both are intellectually taxing and leave my utterly exhausted after a few hours of sitting at my desk. Both thrill me to no end. Both induce procrastination and inner torment.

Now that Josh is also driving hard on the career-wagon, I have come to realise just how difficult life is for working parents. If you’re going to get it all done, you have to be a masterful time manager, fitting food preparation, laundry folding and downtime into the most unlikely moments. (Or otherwise putting them off until the weekend and hating yourself for everything you have to do on that one sacred day off together. )

We went on a date last night. A wonderful, well-deserved night of delectable southern-style eating at the Griffintown Cafe (thanks Clara and Dylan!). We feasted on kentucky-fried duck legs, pork tacos, and crab cakes before gluttonously tucking into our mains (steak for Josh and trout for me). Of course, there was room for a delicious slice of lemon custard pie to top it all off. Josh was groaning when he got into bed.

It was a treat just to be out of the house together. While the laundry basket is overflowing and goodness knows the tub needs a good cleaning, I have decided that prioritizing our happiness over those little chores will make the difference between family bliss and constant exhaustion. Perhaps we sacrificed a couple of hours’ sleep, but the energy gained from a good night on the town was absolutely worth it.

My other life-altering decision?  I’m going to hire a cleaning lady. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

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