Choosing autonomy

We’ve been back for a couple of months now, and life is beginning to fall into a routine. The house is beginning to look like a home again (with less clutter!) and the kids are fully adjusted back into Montreal life. April no longer talks about Fish Hoek on a daily basis, and I’m wistfully beginning to plan the next trip.

So goes the cycle of our life.

We have made some big decisions about our future. One of the best things that our trip to South Africa offered us was distance from our everyday Montreal existence and the time to evaluate what we want from life. It’s brought into sharp relief the fact that neither Josh nor I wish to spend the majority of our waking hours at work for other people. Not only do we want to spend more time doing the things we enjoy, but we are also going to be more proactive in achieving the outcomes we seek.

I’ve just started a new business. I have a name and am in the process of building my website. A logo is being designed as we speak. As of now, I am not only a freelance writer but a small business owner. This was a major shift for me. One day about a month ago, after a conversation with a friend about copy writing, I realized what I’m actually worth. Spending the past six years working my butt off in various creative industries has given me a number of hard skills. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and I’ve been practicing writing and building websites for going on six years now.

Josh has taken over as the primary parent. This has been illuminating for both of us. He mentioned one morning that he always had respect for how much work is involved in taking care of the kids, but he had no idea just how exhausting and intense it is. As for me, I’m even more convinced that working forty hours a week is impossible if you wish to have a good quality of life. When do other people fit in exercise? When do you go grocery shopping? Does everything happen during lunch breaks?

All that said, we are still in transition. I just bought plane tickets to South Africa, where we plan to spend the first half of 2014. In fact, I bought tickets for myself and the kids. Josh plans to find a boat to sail down on, either from somewhere in the Caribbean or in Europe.

The next year of our lives will be spent on the move, seeing new places, acquiring new skills, and working toward the future we dream of. It’s completely unknown, decidedly murky, terrifying at times. It’s also the only way I can imagine doing it.

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