Christmas time is here

We’re sitting watching football at a bar in Ellicottville, New York, although I might say rather that I am writing a post on my phone while the boys stare goggle-eyed at the spandex-clad beefcakes on the TV. (Josh just admitted to having a man-crush on Drew Brees.)

It’s been a hectic few days (week?) of travel, eating, family, presents and attempting to chill a little. Funny how you go on holiday and end up more exhausted than you were before. And I for one was exhausted already.

April has been a combination of sweet pea and stubborn mule. She is an hilarious mimic — her steadily expanding vocabulary coupled with a wicked sense of humor has had the whole family in stitches on multiple occasions. Tonight she was tiptoeing around behind my mom, shoulders hunched over and jaw out, looking like Igor from Frankenstein, getting the pace just right.

Josh and I left her with Rich and my folks today to run some errands and ultimately drive into the state forest to enjoy a few moments of quiet together. When we got home, apparently she hadn’t even missed me, although she was incredibly quick to get into my shirt. A travelling milk jug: that’s what I am.

It is wonderful to be with the family, in the snow and away from the city. While we will definitely need a vacation from this vacation, lucky us, we get a few days off together before Josh starts his new job and I head back to work for the new year.

Oh, and we’re getting married tomorrow in the gazebo in Ellicottville. Let’s hope the snow lets up for an hour or so before we head back to the cottage to get our drink on.

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