The kids are asleep. My parents are at the airport, probably having a drink, waiting for a flight. Josh is on a catamaran somewhere in the Indian Ocean. I can hear the sound of fireworks exploding outside, a celebration of the birth of Canada as a nation. And here I am, alone, at my parents’ house in Toronto, getting ready to return to Montreal and embark upon a brand new chapter in my life.

It’s not often that a new month marks a sea change, but there’s little about life that isn’t about to change again. Next Monday will be my first day at a new job, April’s first day at camp, and Charlie’s first full day at a new daycare. I actually got the best news ever today from one of my new coworkers — they’d like me to go in for 11am on my first day. I’m already loving this company and I haven’t even started yet.

It’s strange with everything I’ve been working toward that I’m about to start a job as an office manager in a marketing company. At the same time, I suppose it also makes perfect sense. I’ve had five years to be a mom, to work at being a writer, to do things on my own time and really focus on what I want from life and for my family. I got to freelance and cook and practice yoga and go to pottery classes in the middle of the day. And all while Josh worked his butt off to support us.

So now it’s my turn. I get to work hard at something I know I’m good at — organizing people and things. I’ll also be working with really cool people for a company that’s adding value to the world. It’s an organization where I can gain knowledge and make wonderful new connections. Plus, I’ll have my evenings to myself, so my writing doesn’t have to be put on hold entirely.

It’ll be my first grown-up job. First time on a salary. First time I’ll be limited to a couple of weeks of vacation. But I’m totally okay with that. Because I think I’m finally ready. I’m ready to be in one place for a while. I’m ready to be a grown up. I’m okay with leaving the adventures for evenings and weekends.

Who’d have thought?

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  1. Exciting!! Don’t worry… life can still be fun and spontaneous when you’re a nine-to-fiver… and then there’s that whole ‘peace of mind’ thing. Enjoy this new stage!

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