Daycare debacle

Who would ever have thought that finding a place for a little wee person to spend her daytime hours would be nigh impossible? I suppose the warnings from people when I got pregnant should have been enough to get me hopping to it right away. “You have to put her on the waiting lists now! Once she’s born, it’ll be too late!” The thing is, like many other moms, I didn’t want to have to send April to daycare at all.  I would figure something out. Work part time, work at night, do whatever it takes to keep her with me while she’s so young. I did put her on a big regional list. Little good that’s done me.

The truth is, I’m excited to get back to work. I think that although she is very young, April is ready to spend a few hours a day away from me. And being with other little kids will do her good. I also need the separation. I feel like I don’t enjoy my time with her as much as I could if I had a little help and/or a little time to myself. Full days together are exhausting, especially when Josh can’t be around to help.

So when April finally fell asleep after a morning of grumpy teething monsterliness, I started making phone calls. I’ve been looking a bit on and off for the last while, but nothing wow-ed me. It just struck me a few days ago that I really need to figure this out post haste as we will be going to the cottage in a couple of weeks and I have to have it taken care of before then.

I called about twenty daycares before I found the description of Chez Annie. It’s on Wellington near de l’Eglise metro which means that it’s a 25-minute walk, a 10-minute bike ride or a 12-minute bus ride. It’s also right by the metro, so it would take another 11 minutes from there for me to get to work at PMA. I spoke to both Annie and her partner, Jon, on the phone and they sounded lovely and laid back. Oh please! Oh please! Let this be it. I don’t think I have it in me to continue searching for two more weeks.

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  1. It was it! Annie is just the type of person I want to be taking care of April. What a relief.

  2. i am really happy for you guys that you have found great people to take care of your little treasure! I am looking forward to seeing you again as i think you’re back in town? when will april start to go to annie’s?

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