Early rising

April is a morning person. There is no happier time of day for her.

It starts with a bit of shuffling, usually punctuated by some chirps, which I translate into “Okay mommy, enough sleeping now. Time to get up!”

We make our way to the bathroom where I remove her now pungently pee-smelling night diaper, and plop her onto her potty. April loves her potty. She seems to love pooping too. Her now dubbed “Bathroom Duck” is her number one toilet buddy. She squeezes him and grunts and chirps and smiles and talks to me as she does her business. She also tends to wave him in the air, and often loses her grip, at least once. Part of my duty (duty duty?) at this stage is toy recovery. As April’s toes still don’t reach the floor, she cannot yet remove herself from her potty. She does try this on the odd occasion, and if I’m not paying enough attention it results in a shocked little bout of screams. Bathroom floors tend to be quite hard. So once BD goes flying, I have to make sure to restore him to her, unless at this point, she’s done her business and I can wipe her little tush and send her on her way.

I am reminded when she is happily pooping away on the potty that there are a number of pediatricians who believe that toilet training babies is simply impossible. To these people, I ask, well why don’t you try? April absolutely hates having her diaper changed, but she certainly has no problem with sitting on the potty. And while she still wets her diapers if I’m not on the ball enough to catch all of her pees, she does at least try to make a tinkle whenever she’s on her little loo. We’re probably at a 70% success rate now. Not too bad for a ten month old, eh?

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  1. I’m hoping to teach my son to use the potty (once he’s born!). At what age did you start putting your daughter on the potty? Also, what sort of potty would you recommend for a baby?

    Thank you so much!

    1. We only actually started putting April on a potty once she was big enough to sit comfortably on one. So, it depends on the baby, but some time after six months (we only bought ours when she was about 9 months old). Up until that point, we would hold her over the toilet (one hand holding each thigh). I actually started sitting down behind her on the toilet just before we decided it was high time we get her a potty. And now she loves sitting on there… most of the time šŸ™‚ Oh — and we got her a Safety First comfy potty. Her toes don’t actually reach the ground. The Baby Bjorn little potty is supposed to be really good too. Hope this helps!

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