Roasted Red Peppers…mmmmmmm

Eight months old and where has the time gone? I have a practically mobile munchkin, eating real food (well, more like shoving it in her mouth and gumming it up before most escapes).

Josh and I have cooked up a baby. Hence the above title, and really the title of my life. Our little one is made of me. She’s made of the delicious nutritious fuel that Josh and I have been continuously adding to my metabolic engine. I have been eating like a champ. I still weigh less than I have since high school, but then that’s something to say for breastfeeding. You want to know how to shed your post-pregnancy pounds? How about rather than reaching for a bottle of that nasty chemical and corn stuff, you plug your little one in? Mmm…fresh milk. Not only is it going to make her smarter, it’s going to make you thinner and feel awesome. Some of the happiest moments of my life have been spent nursing April.

Today I am roasting red peppers. It’s easy, and I’m going to see if April decides that it’s as delicious as I think it is.


3 large red peppers

2 cloves of garlic

olive oil

fresh thyme

coarse sea salt and cracked pepper

Roasting red peppers is easy, even for someone who has no idea what they’re doing in the kitchen. While I leave most of the complicated things to Josh (the real chef), there are certain things that I wouldn’t hesitate to do myself. Even with April needing entertainment, I can manage this one.

Turn on the broiler and pop the whole peppers onto a baking sheet. While playing with the munchkin (this morning this involved slices of pear, a few soldiers of toast and a board book) make sure to keep on nose alert to avoid real burning. Once the skin starts going black and wrinkly (but not totally charred), turn the peppers. Continue doing this until the entire pepper is blackish and wrinkly. Remove the peppers from the oven. I toss them into a bowl and cover the whole thing with a plastic bag (paper works too). This helps to separate the skin from the pepper.

At this stage I start slicing the garlic into slivers and tidy up the rest of my kitchen. Having a baby means that the kitchen is messy most of the time.  I clean it up, and some little cheeky elves must sneak in and move things around and mess on plates, because there is somehow always a little line-up of dishes to be washed beside the sink. Quite mysterious, that.

Once the peppers have cooled down, you simply slip them out of their skins and discard the insides and outsides. I like doing this all with my hands, and tearing the peppers into little strips. Then I douse them with olive oil, throw in the garlic and sprinkle with herbs. A touch of salt and some fresh ground pepper. Easy as that!

It’s all I can do to keep myself from eating them all before Josh gets home!

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