Getting bigger

When I awoke on Tuesday morning, in my own bed, without my sweet pea snuggled into my nook, I leapt immediately to vertical. I couldn’t help myself. Anxiety dreams had been plaguing me. It just felt all wrong. She’s too little!

Within an hour I was at Annie’s. Much to my delight, as soon as April heard my voice from the doorway, I was greeted with:


My heart shone and I sighed deeply. My little pumpkin ran to me, delighted to show me the plastic thermometer with which she was playing, demonstrating to me how to tuck in into her armpit, under her saffron T-shirt. She might have missed me, but not much. Annie had explained to her that she was going to sleep there and that she would see me in the morning. Accepted.

I asked the obvious question.

“How was it?”

Annie smiled and reassured me that had there been a problem, she would have called.

“So…we can do it again sometime,” she said, grinning.

“We could have Kyliah next time…” I offered.

April had woken, as usual, for water. At 4am, when she yelled for it, Annie went through and laid down beside her. She showed her the cup. April took a big slurp and tucked it under her arm. They both went back to sleep. A few hours later, with hazy light filtering through the curtains, two little whirlwinds tore through the house, giggling and chattering in their pyjamas.

Tonight, watching her stride around, purpose written on her furrowed brow, demanding important things of her papa, I couldn’t help exclaiming my surprise. I have a child, not a baby.

“She’s just gonna get bigger!” Josh responded.

I know. It’s inevitable. And yet still surprising.

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