Home for a week

Trains are undeniably the most civilized form to travel. In anticipation of trip to South Africa in a few weeks, I decided it wise to take the girls on a test-run of travelling just the three of us. Josh, being the solid, responsible guy he is, decided that he couldn’t abandon the restaurant just before Christmas, so he won’t be joining us for my cousin’s wedding on December 22nd. So that means an epic two days of air-travel for this mummy and her munchkins.

Not to say that I’m worried. April has proved from infancy that’s she a super star traveller. When she was a baby, my fellow passengers always commented on how well-behaved she was. Now that she’s a bigger girl, she simply makes friends. By the end of both the outgoing and return trips, April was sitting on someone else’s lap and I was relaxing, reading a book, with Charlie the Calm, chilling out on my lap.

It was a wonderful few days with my folks, visiting friends, and introducing Charlie to her new admirers. My favourite shots from the trip:

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