How life has changed: a photo a year since 2005

Montreal: Halloween 2005. A loft party after work. I was supposed to be Jem but you can’t tell that my hair was actually pink.  Photo by Riccardo Cellere

Montreal: Summer 2006. Hanging out with Ric as he got his photography studio up and running meant getting great photos taken. Photo by Riccardo Cellere

Inle Lake in Burma: June 2007. The mid-point of a four-month solo adventure through SE Asia.  Photo by Ornella Giordano

Gaspé Peninsula road trip: August 2008. This is when Josh done knocked me up. Game changing moment.

Commitment Celebrations: October 2008. A bonus photo for a year filled with excitement. Photo by Riccardo Cellere.

Lasalle General Hospital: March 24 2009. Six weeks ahead of schedule, Josh and then unnamed baby contemplate one another.  Photo by Caitlin Thompson

New Orleans, Louisiana: January 2010. Heading back to our shuttle after a long day in the French Quarter.

Montreal bus: January 2011. An exhausted bean after her very first swimming lesson.

Oh, how life has changed!

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