Is it really Spring? Almost?

We were at a baby-shower brunch this morning and it was actually warm enough to sit outside. The little boys delightedly played in the dirt. April encouraged anyone willing to pull her around in the wagon. We ate outside! April got fussed when Luca touched her with his dirt-covered hands.

“Dirty!” she said, a worried look on her face, her hands extended in front of her. Within a few minutes, however, after realising that no matter how vehemently she insisted, the boys were not going to stop piling dirt on the slide, she decided to join them. Up to the top of the dirt pile she climbed, grabbing two fistfuls of earth. The grown ups laughed.

“If you can’t beat ’em join,” quipped the host of the party.

Life is significantly simpler when you don’t have to fuss over going outside. It’s something that you take for granted when you live in a warm climate, but preoccupies us temperate dwellers all the time. No wonder we talk about the weather so much. It’s the most important factor affecting our daily lives!

This spring is going to welcome a new member to our family. Our landlady’s little grey cat has had a litter of kittens. We are getting a tiny little runty grey kitten! We were lucky enough to meet her the day she was born, and we go and visit the animals downstairs (of which there are many) on a weekly basis. I was trying to explain to April today that we’re going to bring one of them home and I asked her what she would like to name her.

“George,” was her very definite response.

I pondered a moment. It’s a girl cat, granted, but I like the name George on a cat. I asked Josh what he thought when he got home.

“We could call it George.”

So little George will be the newest member of our family.  Josh has already procured a book on natural pet care (complete with recipes for homemade cat food). I am trying to figure out how we will enable her to get in and out (no maladjusted indoor cats for us, thank you). Her arrival will most likely coincide with April and my trip to Europe, which will  mean three weeks of bonding and getting scratched for Josh. He is eagerly anticipating it.

April discovered Luca’s ukelele. Toddler-sized guitar!

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  1. I remember getting my first cat and telling my mom with much authority that I wanted to call her Timba Tuna! My mom thought about herself yelling that name from our porch into the neighbourhood and nixed that one pretty quick. She became Puss Puss (not much better, if I think about it now) and was one of the members of the family for over 17 years.

    She was definitely an outdoor cat and we never had any special apparatus for her to use to get outside. They figure out ways of letting you know what they want, and if you’re not around they typically get over it. That said, we lived in the country, so maybe city cats need something different.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. She will give you many warm and fuzzy memories.


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