Life goes on

April is snoozing and I’m home alone. Finally! An opportunity for me to write.

We are all sick. A few days before leaving Montreal for Toronto, Lisa’s sister got a cold. Then Lisa got it. April got the sniffles and I finally succumbed to it yesterday. Now my mother is giving me grief about bringing germs home with us. I am unimpressed to be sick in mid-May. Although, that said, I am also unimpressed that it has been so cold lately. Snow on Mother’s Day, and rain and cloud and highs around ten ever since. Today is the first day since I got to Toronto on Monday that the sun has peeked out from behind the clouds. It’s about time!

Poor April is coughing in her sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night, highly disgruntled. I think that most likely she had an itchy throat. I did. Fortunately after some nursing and a dose of a homeopathic cold remedy, she dozed right off. Being sick is just no fun.

Life continues. It’s great to be at home, and my parents are incredibly helpful when it comes to April. They have been taking turns lying with her until she goes to sleep, and my dad has been particularly enthusiastic at bath time. April’s little face just lights up when she sees him in the evenings, upon his return from work. I can’t think of anything that could brighten my dad’s day more than her silly grinning face.

I am getting a little more sleep, but also have to admit that I don’t take advantage of the help and extra time as well as I might. I still haven’t started practising yoga again, and only meditate every now and then. I really need to kick my own ass. Especially getting this cold, it is obvious that I need to get back into a physical activity regimen. I can continue procrastinating and saying that I’ll start when we move, but that’s just an excuse. I should start today.

The biggest consumer of my time of late has been my online search for a fridge and stove. What should really have taken a few hours, has become an obsession. I am determined to find the best deal! The final contestants were a Frigidaire convection range and fridge from the Brick, and a Kenmore set from Sears. I have decided to put aside my aesthetic desire for stainless steel appliances and accept that it just isn’t worth $350 more to buy shiny-looking appliances. White is more than acceptable. I think that Josh must think I’m even crazier than ever. I have been flooding his inbox with emails about various fridges and stoves. He’s been working the last ten days straight. Every time we talk, I bring it up. Last night he told me that he didn’t call me to talk about appliances. Understood.

I also realised this morning, that our phone calls have become rather boring. I guess that’s just a part of life. I don’t want to talk about paying bills and buying appliances. I want us to spend our time on the phone talking about the way the sunrise looked this morning and how much I yearn to feel his fingertips brush the hair off my face.

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  1. it s so true, how we can get cought into not so important stuff as appliances and get an obsession about it, harrassing our loved one instead of reminding us what is so important… but at the same time, the little things of the day to day life have to get done! it’s all about balance of course!

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