Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

We spend a lot of time at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. They have these super awesome weekend workshops for families, that are not only free, but also give you access to the collections. AND the girls freaking LOVE them. (For that matter, so do we.)

We also happen to be friendly with a lovely person who works there, and asked us if we’d be willing to feature the kids in a MBAM social media campaign. Well, of course!

Wrong kid for the picture, but always glad to help spread the word about an awesome free activity.

If you’re in Montreal and have kiddies to entertain on weekends, I definitely recommend checking it out. They change monthly, and are generally themed on the current exhibitions. There are workshops for littlies (2-5 years) and slightly bigger kids at specific times, as well as drop-in workshops that go all day.

You’re welcome!

Museum of Fine Arts Montreal  

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  1. This makes the 4th place I’ve read about Canada in less than a week, I believe it’s time to go there. There’s so many incredible things to see and do there, I’ve been stateside with the family many times but rarely did we venture up to Canada. That’s about to change. Thank you for this review, it’s nice to see a family friendly review on places.

  2. When you plan a getaway or daily trip, it’s important that your kids are enjoying it as well. And in these photos you shared, it seems that they’re really having fun and enjoyed this museum fine arts trip. Thanks for posting this one and for giving us an idea on how we supposed to spend quality time with our family.

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