New friends

We have a house full of furniture. It’s a bit of a mess, but what can you do? Free stuff is free stuff. I continue to be the official queen of hand-me-downs. The only “real” item that I’ve bought in this house is our bed. The most important piece of all!

Yesterday, Josh helped the lovely Samantha move her furniture out of her old apartment while April and I went to our new friend, Teprine’s house. We had met at the Charlevoix metro station on Friday. I was nursing April, as she wanted to eat, and a rather pregnant lady smiled at me as she walked by and sat down a couple of seats down from me.

“When are you due?” I asked.

I proceeded to discover that not only is she seven-months pregnant, but she also has a little girl at home who is roughly April’s age. She lives around the corner, is involved in education and generally gave me a really good vibe. So I got her info and as we both got off the train at Vendome Station, I had a big grin on my face. New friend!

So we got in touch via email, and although the rain made our initial plan to meet in the park a little unfeasible, I headed over there in the early afternoon and stayed until about 5:30.

Monroe (Munroe?) is exactly the same size as April. They have roughly the same amount of hair and although April’s a little taller, Monroe has the advantage in terms of sturdiness. She has been walking for a few months now, while April’s still a little unsure on her feet. It was the first time April’s really played with another baby. Usually, it’s alongside, but they were definitely communicating and playing together. So cute.

Teprine and Joss seem really awesome. Definitely our kind of people. Hooray for neighbourhood communities!

Speaking of which, this morning, I went over to my other new friend, Joanna’s house for a little get-together in her yard. I am proud to announce that I can genuinely speak french. I’m missing words here and there, but I definitely understand what’s going on and even managed get a laugh today! Her little one, Matteo, is about six weeks older than April and a little bundle of energy. They’re also doing Elimination Communication and signing with him. She’s also into yoga, they met in Mexico, they’re co-sleeping…the commonalities keep on going. So going over this morning, it was just really nice and friendly. April can run around bare-bummed because they don’t care if she pees on the floor. They eat the same way we do.

So two new friends in one week. The universe is being kind to me.

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  1. YOUhouuu yep that s me! :O) happy to be so neetly described on the world wide web!
    see you tuesday pm!

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