Osheaga Montreal: April’s First Music Festival

Osheaga Montreal Music Festival

Walking to the park after daycare on Friday, I was chatting with another mom about the weekend. We got onto the topic of changes in life post-kids and she said,

“Well, I can’t exactly take Daniel and go to Osheaga this weekend.”

“That what I’m doing,” I replied.

So yesterday we headed to April’s first music festival with my brother Rich, and his girlfriend, Tyne. The setting was Parc Jean-Drapeau, an island park that sits in the water just off the island of Montreal. The day was swelteringly hot, and almost as soon as we arrived, we headed toward the shady area around the Scène Verte where we would catch the Raveonettes.

Osheaga Montreal Music Festival The different stages are set apart by some distance, and to access this stage, festival goers have to cross a staircase, which as we looked up, was jam-packed with people. We must have hesitated a moment before I heard a voice calling to us. It was a young woman wearing an official Osheaga T-shirt.

“I can take you around this way,” she said, before guiding us through a fenced-off area,  around the limits of the official festival grounds, and back inside near the stage where we were heading (festival perk with kids #1). We found ourselves a spot on the grass, laid down blankets and proceeded to begin eating the snacks we had brought (perk #2 of going with kids: you’re allowed to take food).

Dancing at Osheaga Osheaga is a particularly family-friendly music festival. As well as letting in kids under 10 for free, they have a Kid’s Zone, with a playground and washrooms, and the security seem to be on a constant lookout for families who need help. At the end of our night — after April enjoyed her first Snoop Dogg show, totally grooving out on the shoulders of a friend of mine — we were driven in a golf cart back to the entrance to the subway.

Extra help aside, we all had an awesome time. I took a new activity book and pencil crayons for April, as well as a couple of story books, so whenever there was a quiet moment, April had something to do.  To be honest, between dancing, twirling, eating, running around and taking pictures, there weren’t too many of those.


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