Out and about

If you’ve been wondering who I’m with here in the Scottish Highlands, it’s Rosie Brown, one of my closest friends from McGill. Her parents own a flat in Dornoch and when she was between things a few years ago, she came here to hang out and recuperate from the turmoil of life as a twenty-something. As her mum says: it’s a healing place.

Not too long after arriving here, Rosie had not only fallen in love with the town, but also with one of its inhabitants. Fortunately for me, and all of the friends who will be coming for her and Grant’s wedding, Dornoch is simply beautiful. Peaceful and picturesque with the friendliest townsfolk and just the right mix of little touristy shops and cafes. The surrounding farmlands and ocean views elicit deep sighs and necessitate contemplation.

It also boasts a world-class golf course overlooking one of the most spectacular bays I’ve ever seen, and is within close range of many of the finest distilleries of Scotch whiskey. After driving by the Glenmorangie distillery a few times, we decided that today drinking would begin at noon. After a boozy lunch, it was on to the distillery. Alas, we only got to taste one of their varieties.

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