Seasoned traveller

I’m lying in a king-sized bed at my friend Adrienne’s house in Mt Juliet, Tennessee. It’s just outside of Nashville. They’re renting a family’s summer house so it’s just about the most beautiful and perfect situation I can think of. Yesterday, although it started off super foggy, it lifted for us, and April and I played outside in the sun until we settled down on a swinging chair for a snack and a snooze.

April is adjusting incredibly well to the travelling. She’s such a Curious George. The fact that now, just about every day, she gets to see new things, climb on a whole new set of furniture, is just magical. She gets all wide-eyed and excitable when it’s just us three, and she’s given free run of a new place. She has also taken to talking all the time. Some might say it’s baby babble, but I’m pretty sure it’s her own language. Babababababa mamama baba punctuated with little shrieks and more babababas. She is definitely telling us something. Soon enough I’m sure she’ll begin adding English words, and then, well… she’ll be talking. It’s hard to believe that she’s already just about ten months. It’s all gone by so very quickly.

This is the most fun age so far. She is so observant, and becoming more and more self aware every day. She looks up at me if I appear behind her in a mirror, and loves sitting flapping her arms and watching herself when I put her on the potty. She now understands cats and dogs, and while dogs are still terrifying, kitties are exciting and soft. Little does she now that they can have sharp claws! Live and learn, though.

Today we’re going into Nashville proper, after a wonderfully relaxed day by the Old Hickory Lake here in Mt Juliet. Adrienne and Joe have generously offered to watch April for us tonight so that we can actually go out and have a night on the town. I guess I’d better get pumping!

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