Settling in

We’ve now been in our temporary home on the Southern Peninsula for nearly a month.  Our days are starting to find a rhythm. We wake up around 6:30am (or are woken up by a squirmy baby or noisy child). We then proceed to eat breakfast and get April ready for school. I drop her off around 8:30am and then head to yoga while Josh takes care of Charlie. Then I head home for a second breakfast and relieve Josh of baby duty. April finishes school at 12:30, and then we head off for our afternoon’s activity. Some days Josh goes off sailing and I take care of the kids. Other days, April spends the afternoon playing downstairs with her new best friend, the four-year-old Alicia. Trips into Cape Town, visits to my family. Afternoons are for fun, or just for chilling and napping.

I’ve read three books in the past week, written one article (fingers crossed! I sent it to the New York Times!) and spend a lot of time napping with my baby. I feel so lucky to have this time with my kids. More than anything else, I’m savoring every moment with Josh. We interrupt one another’s reading to relate an interesting snippet. We debate various options for future endeavors. Josh talks about sailing. I talk about writing. Then he teases me about constantly planning for the future when I should simply be enjoying the present. And the present is pretty sweet.

A few pics from our week:


Boulder's Beach


Sandy hand

Tuckered out

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