Still in Great Valley

I’m tired. So very tired. Being around people non-stop for days on end can be challenging. I’m such a social person but I’m not accustomed to being in demand this much. Plus, as much as I adore my mother, she is very demanding. She knows this. It’s her M.O.

I am looking forward to when it’s just us out on the open road. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not in a great big rush to get out of here. I’m loving getting to know Josh’s sister, and it’s totally awesome being with the family at the new cottage, which is easily big enough for all of us. It’s just been a long and hectic week of family time, and it’s amazing how exhausting eating and playing games can be.

I just gave up mid-way through a game of Mah Jongg when I discovered that I had somehow lost two of my tiles. I have absolutely no idea what happened, but this much is clear: I am evidently far too tired to be playing so complicated a game right now.

Josh and I had a gorgeous morning together. After a 3am wake up and play, April didn’t rise until after 7am. Once I had safely installed her with my parents, I moved around the furniture in the living room and practiced yoga for about an hour, until April had played for as long as she could play before becoming too fussy for my mom to cope with. They came down and I finished off my practice, April watching me intently and trying to touch me while I was in the last few postures.

Turned out that April didn’t want to nap, so we passed her off to Jessica and hopped back into bed. Snuggles always turn into something more. I love my man so much. It’s awesome when you can genuinely tell someone that you want to be with them, intend to be with them forever. I know that forever is a big thing, but that’s what we’re in for. I can’t imagine my life without Josh, and I can’t imagine myself meeting someone who would just let me be me and help me fly the way he does. I feel like one seriously lucky lady. I have no idea what’s going to come up in the next few years – China? Another baby? South Africa? – but then, it really doesn’t matter. As long as we’re together I know that it’s going to be awesome.

It’s been blizzarding here today. We drove into the town and it was a total cluster-fuck, with the most ancient woman imaginable driving her Cadillac and blocking us out of the parking lot, half on the street. So awesome. Jessica thought she was going to drop April when she was carrying her back in as we had to walk down the far too steep driveway as we parked my dad’s Jeep on the road due to the slope of the driveway and the excessive quantities of snow coming down.

I don’t feel like taking responsibility for my child tonight. Is that bad? I’m just so freaking tired. I just want a good night’s sleep – something that is becoming more elusive than a unicorn. I also want to smoke a joint. Just wait until we’re back in Canada.

April has started making amazing babbling mamamama, babababa, dadadada sounds. She’s doing it all of the time. Even when she should be crying, she wails babababa rather than just moaning. It’s pretty adorable.

Best face ever

Workin’ hard at the cottage

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