Spring Weekend

A weekend bracketed by sickness. Scrunched-up tissues littering the house like injured fairies. Sun shining in on us despite the unseasonably cold weather; April is always crueller here in Quebec that in the other places that bear brownish scarred yet newly fertile earth, already awakening. Time that seems full and long and slowly inching by: a mini-series marathon of Pride […]

Winter in Montreal

It’s December. The streets are like skating rinks and on sunny days it hurts my face to go outside. Getting the girls dressed to leave the house is a twenty-minute ordeal. Sometimes I wonder how sane it is to live in this climate. We’re not going back to South Africa this year. April is happily […]

Osheaga 2014

One of my most popular posts over the past few months is 5 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Music Festivals. This one seems to be an evergreen favourite, with spikes in traffic every summer. And this summer, after a one-year-hiatus, I took the girls back to Osheaga, Montreal’s fantastic multi-day indie music festival. I […]