Never Settle

We sat on his single bed, side-by-side and talked about what we would be doing that summer. Rectangles of light cut through the blinds and across his cheek, his pale green eyes glinting as he described his summer job, out on the lake, weaving between islands,¬†eating lunch on the jagged brush and needle-covered rocks. “Will […]

Thunder Rocks

One of those rare spring days when the temperature rises above expectations and suddenly the sun’s rays not only feel pleasantly warm, but truly hot. We drive for what seems like a unreasonably long time — a short drive for my dad by all other estimations, a fair trip. “Are we here¬†yet?” pipes Charlie. “Yes, […]

Letchworth State Park

Sometimes you need to leave the kids behind. After spending the past few months working my tail off, it was time for a proper holiday. Josh and I had planned a sailing adventure during which time the sprogs would stay with my folks in Toronto and we’d double back to Gananoque to spend a weekend […]

Oh Canada!

I do truly love living in Canada. There are so many pockets of natural beauty here. Toronto has Lake Ontario — and my parents did happen upon an amazing little spot. Hooray for national parks. Tomorrow Montreal and all the summer has to offer there. Here’s to adventures in this amazing nation for the next […]