Thunder Rocks

One of those rare spring days when the temperature rises above expectations and suddenly the sun’s rays not only feel pleasantly warm, but truly hot. We drive for what seems like a unreasonably long time — a short drive for my dad by all other estimations, a fair trip. “Are we here¬†yet?” pipes Charlie. “Yes, […]

Letchworth State Park

Sometimes you need to leave the kids behind. After spending the past few months working my tail off, it was time for a proper holiday. Josh and I had planned a sailing adventure during which time the sprogs would stay with my folks in Toronto and we’d double back to Gananoque to spend a weekend […]

How to pack for a six-month adventure

Today we drove to Toronto. This morning was a blitz of tidying, unpacking, and repacking interspersed with playing with and reading to the girls, finishing my book (Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver, if you’re curious), sort of watching Pocahontas for the umpteenth time (why do little kids have to watch the same movie over and […]