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April is out like a light.

We’re in New Orleans today. Having found ourselves a spot at a campground on the outskirts of the city, we headed into the French Quarter on the shuttle at 9am, only returning this evening at 5:45pm. That is clearly enough time to exhaust a baby. It was like a work day of touristing. While she did nap briefly on the ride into town this morning, and then again for a couple of hours around noon, it was nowhere near the kind of marathon napping that’s been going on  while driving. The poor monkey was beside herself on the shuttle back to the campground. That said, it’s pretty nice now. It took all of five minutes of nursing for her to be far away in dreamland and now I have some time to relax and regroup from a big and exciting day.

Travelling with a baby is proving to be far easier than even I imagined. While there have been a few cranky moments, April has realised that being asleep while on the road is the preferable mode of existence. Sometimes she’ll open her eyes, look around, and then shut them again, as though evaluating her options and deciding that sleep is by far the best way to go. Good choice munchkin. Sleep is better.

Walking around sightseeing is a different story. No matter how tired she is, she seems to want to stay awake in the carrier these days. She’ll only go to sleep if I convince her first (aka knock her out with boob juice), or if she’s so tired that there isn’t really much choice. We still don’t have a stroller for her. Today did test my stamina, that’s for sure. Rather, it tested my back strength. Fortunately, we found a restaurant with bottomless mimosas for brunch, so we took a good long break there. And after {insert number} mimosas, who can’t carry a baby? Getting back to the point, at this age, April just wants to see and experience new things. She is very easily distracted, and short of exhaustion, there’s not much that will make her cranky. Maybe we’re just lucky, but I think most people are the same. Give me something more interesting, and I’ll forget what I was doing. And I’m 26.

From New Orleans Bound
From New Orleans Bound
From New Orleans Bound

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