Thunder Rocks

One of those rare spring days when the temperature rises above expectations and suddenly the sun’s rays not only feel pleasantly warm, but truly hot. We drive for what seems like a unreasonably long time — a short drive for my dad by all other estimations, a fair trip.
“Are we here yet?” pipes Charlie.
“Yes, Charlie, right now we are here, but no, we are not yet there.”

Greyish brown trunks blur past, the yellow greens of the moss and lichens, bright sun and blue sky and suddenly my dad’s silver Jeep turns and pulls into a dusty parking area and we emerge already impressed by the magic of these moss-covered tributes to time and sedimentation and unfathomable power. Thunder Rocks.

These massive rocks are the of result sediment from the neighbouring mountains that was deposited in a shallow sea and eroded, frost-wedged, cracked and roiled into fascinating shapes. Some of these boulders rolled down hills as a result of gravity, leaving them scattered about as though casually dropped by some lazy god.

Thunder Rocks

Looking up
Helping hand
Big and small

On the rocks

The Thunder Rocks are in the Allegheny State Park, about 1.5 hours south of Buffalo. If you’re looking for a great spot to spend the weekend, check out this exceptionally comfortable studio apartment in the woods. It’s well worth the trip!

Map to Thunder Rocks at Allegheny State Park


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