Too early in the morning

It’s 5:30am in Tennessee. I woke up about an hour ago with a splitting headache. I think it’s because of the dryness here, but whatever it is, it sucks. April has been sleeping very well these last few nights. Don’t get me wrong. She tosses and turns and pretends that she’s a pillow. She very nearly forced Josh off the bed — and we’re sleeping in a king. But she hasn’t been waking up as much as she used to. And when she does cry out or make noises, she seems to be able to settle herself back to sleep rather than need to nurse, which means less work for mostly-asleep me.

I got out of bed around 5am because I found that lying down exacerbated the pounding in my brain. In typical fashion, after about five minutes of sitting, trying to meditate in the living room, April wakes up and begins crying. So back I go to the bedroom where I plug her noisemaker with my boob, and proceed to nurse her until a cacophony of farts makes me think that she needs to poop. I put her on the potty, raising the lights a little, and although she makes all sorts of noises, it seems she’s a little clogged up. Damned solid foods. So here I am, in the living room, trying to keep (her) quiet. My headache seems to be abating, which is a good thing, although I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of being upright, having drank a whole lot of water, used some saline nasal spray, and taken some headache medicine. Something had to kick in sooner or later, right?

Keeping a ten-month-old baby quiet is easier said than done. Her life goals at the moment generally involve standing and exploring new objects. This means that nothing is safe. She is currently playing with the elastic on my journal with one hand and my fancy gold-plated pen with the other. Now the left goes for a bag of cables on the table. Now it’s on the floor. Back to the journal with the left. Back to the pen with the right. Now she’s hiccuping.  Apparently the elastic on the journal is the big winner. Although, back on the floor, the bag of cables has piqued her interest again. When I take it away from her, she cries out. Shhhh! Not everyone wants to be awake at 6am.

I am quite impressed with her dexterity. She just pulled the elastic from around my journal and grabbed a hold of it so that she could pull it off the table. (Insert shriek) She has now found Josh’s wallet. Fortunately, unlike my wallet, his has two large snaps which keep it secured. She managed to get hold of mine yesterday, and figured out how to remove my ID from the outside flap. Those pointy little fingers are becoming terribly nimble. A little too nimble perhaps, for one so young?

I ought to play with her. She’s getting noisier.

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