Ten days in Toronto

We’ve been back in Canada for ten days now, and I’m extremely thankful to finally have a genuine weekend of relaxation.

Alas, packing up and moving back to Canada has taken it out of us. From the epic thirty hour journey (that included three flights and an eleven-hour stopover in Istanbul), to discovering that my chequebook was stolen and $500 debited from my account, to the kids getting tummy bugs, the necessary recovery from jetlag and the fact that I still had to finish a bunch of work that was delayed for one reason or another, I am totally wiped out.

That’s not to say we haven’t been having a good time. We’ve been visiting friends, going for walks by the lake, spending evenings with my parents (who are both harried and overworked as they prepare for their own month’s trip to South Africa) and playing and drawing and doing crafts. We’ve been barbecuing almost every night we’re home, and when we’re not home, eating out with wonderful people. It’s been great, but I’m tired. Thank goodness we’re at the cottage for a long weekend of sleeping, eating and family time.

In my constant quest to find free things to do with kids, our Toronto mini-vacation involved a lot of walking in the Humber Bay Park, feeding of ducks, playing in playgrounds and a visit to the High Park Zoo.

A few highlights:

The Humber Bay Duckies! Charlie by the bay Swan Toronto from Humber Bay Yacht Club Going to feed the ducks Exploring Silly! Beauty rest Kate, the girls and the hats Hats! Our little princess Barbary Sheep Sho, April and Charlie April and Auntie Caitlin Bison Llama

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