I decided to look online at what other mothers do to wean their toddlers without angst and today I did it. I never expected it could be this easy. I’ve been thinking about cutting off the boob for a while. I’d like my body back. She doesn’t need it, and I’d rather cuddle, quite honestly.

But April has shown zero sign of wanting to stop. She asks for “boo-boo” constantly with dramatic displays when refused and endless repetitions if she is trying to get my attention.

I looked, and I found the answer. In an online forum, it was reinforced over and over again by happy mamas. Lemon juice.

…explaining to her that she was a big girl and didn’t need it anymore was not only beyond her comprehension, but dishonest in that I was implying she should be ready, when it is clearly ME who wants to stop. I decided to go with the lemon juice (yes! Lie to my child!) In fact, it has been a gentle way to empower her with choice. We weaned in a day! I wish you luck on this beautiful, private journey with your child.

So when she barged in on me while I was napping and repeatedly demanded the boo-boo, I told her to wait a minute. To the kitchen I went, where I found a lemon. April followed me out and I sat down on the carpet with her and warned her that it wouldn’t taste good.

“It’s broken. It’s not going to taste nice.”

She went for it and pulled away seconds later, eyes wide.

“No taste good,” April told me.

I offered the other, which she took and pulled away again.


Up she got and off she went.

It happened again, with no great event.  Her curiosity at the fact that it tasted funny was evident, but she happily went for almond milk instead.

I offered it just before bed time, she tried one side and when I asked if she wanted the other she said no.

“Book,” she said, and climbed off my lap.

No fight.

I’ll see how much she asks tomorrow, but I have a feeling that this just happened. Good timing too. I have to withhold it on Tuesday because of a medical procedure. I was a little worried.

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